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OptiCAD® Analysis

OptiCAD® features a truly unconstrained non-sequential ray trace engine. Simply place the sources anywhere in 3D space, and OptiCAD determines where the rays go! OptiCAD supports numerous tools to analyze the optical system including:

  • Isometric and arbitrary angle 3D views
  • 3D ray trace views
  • Sobol & Monte Carlo rays
  • Spot diagrams
  • Energy plots
  • Intensity maps
  • Irradiance & illuminance maps
  • Radiance & brightness maps
  • 3D Solid display
  • 3D Global coordinate system
  • Polar and polynet radiometers
  • Visualization ray tracing, displaying what an observer actually "sees"
  • Data exportable as spread sheet (csv) or bitmap


OptiCAD® supports integrated and user defined sources. Multiple sources can be combined anywhere in a 3D geometry. Multiple sources may even be placed inside a complex object.

  • Point sources
    • Equal angle, equal solid angle, equal tangent, and equal direction cosine ray bundles (grids)
    • Isotropic
  • Surface or Volumetric sources
    • Collimated rectangular or elliptical
    • IESNA lamp data
    • Radiant Sources
    • Diode and diode arrays, Gaussian, multi-mode gaussian, isotropic, lambertian, toroidal, helical, sun, spherical surfaces and solids, cylindrical surfaces and solids, and ellipsoidal solids
    • Tabulated ray data
  • User defined sources
    • Arbitrary via external DLL
    • 3-D spatial equation
    • Spatial bitmap
    • Angular equation
    • Angular data table