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Applications for OptiCAD®

  • Parabolic shaped concentrators
  • Arbitrarily shaped concentrators
  • Light pipes of any shape or complexity
  • Automobile instrument and display panel lighting
  • Display panel lighting
  • Illumination systems, headlights, taillights
  • Conventional optics, including lenses, mirrors, prisms, beam splitters
  • Luminaires
  • Laptop computer displays
  • Slide and television projectors
  • Flow cells, and other biomedical instruments
  • Uniform illumination reflectors
  • Stray light analysis, baffle design, optical scanners
  • Flashlamp and diode pumped lasers
  • Grazing incidence conics
  • X-ray telescopes
  • Reflective highway markers
  • Solar collectors
  • Axiconal optics
  • Unusual optics and lenslet arrays
  • Fiber optical design and multimode fibers
  • LCD backlighting  and projectors
  • Ghost and narcissus analysys
  • LED and laser diode systems
  • Arc lamps
  • IR imaging and detection systems
  • Lithography and rapid annealing systems