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The Best Value in Optical Analysis Software

What is OptiCAD®?

OptiCAD® is a flexible, easy to use 100% non-sequential, illumination, optical analysis, and visualization program.

What are OptiCAD®'s Capabilities?

OptiCAD® can perform analysis on arbitrarily placed optical components, with the capability to do unconstrained ray tracing considering reflection, refraction, surface and bulk scattering surface and bulk luminance, and polarization.

OptiCAD® models many optical components, including lenses, mirrors, light pipes, prisms, imported CAD surfaces and solid objects, faceted surfaces and solid objects, and other components. Light sources may be modeled as points, lines, surfaces, volumes, bitmaps, equations, or data tables. Sources may be diverging converging, or collimated, and multiple sources may be placed at any location. Sources may also be user defined via table or external dlls.